About Contractors Seminars

J. J. Johnson has been a General Contractor for 48 years. For over 35 years, he has helped individuals pass the State Contractor's Examinations in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee. He has been a Real Estate Broker for 21 years and has a degree in Civil Engineering from Georgia Tech. He was first to offer pre-licensing seminars in North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, and South Carolina and therefore has the most experience.  JJ Johnson teaches all of the seminars himself including the NASCLA preparation seminar.

Why More Applicants Choose Contractor's Seminars:

  • J. J. Johnson has successfully prepared over 40,000 students.
  • Students always have a high passing rate (92%-96%)
  • Updated information is used in each new seminar and we use the most advanced teaching method available to prepare you.
  • Students may tape record the seminar so they can review information as often as necessary.
  • Contractor's Seminars offers Home Study materials and Computer Study Aids.