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Georgia Residential Light Commercial Seminar - Atlanta, GA


  • Time: Registration will begin @ 8AM.  The seminar will be held from 8AM to 3PM.
  • Location: Holiday Inn Express, 2499 Satellite Blvd., Buford, GA
  • Note: Please bring all reference books and materials to take notes during the seminar.
Don’t forget your books!

Reference books are required for the seminar and for passing the exam. If you don’t have your books already, you can save $ by purchasing them below.

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Includes the 13 books used as references for the Georgia Residential-Light Commercial exam. Discount applied at checkout.

About this Seminar

This seminar will prepare students to pass the  Georgia Residential Light Commercial Exam.

NASCLA Accredited Exam vs other Georgia Exams.

We recommend the NASCLA Accredited Exam over non-NASCLA exams for the following reasons:

  •  Higher Pass Rates: Our students have a 92%+ pass rate on NASCLA exams.
  • Transportable:  Accepted in 16 States and 1 Territory (USVI). Simply transfer your NASCLA score and pass a new business exam. Done.
  • All-Inclusive: One exam. One Test. One Time. Build anything.
  • Fastest Ticket to your License: The majority of Non-NASCLA exam takers fail their exams (1x or 2x) and then take the NASCLA exam – adding costs and delays.

Want to register for a NASCLA Seminar? Find one here. 

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